Abbathing structures at Arvedi steelworks in Trieste

Video of the demolition made by SID Società Italiana Demolizioni, part of ATB group

Abbathing structures in Trieste

On September 18 at 20.00 at the former hot area of the Arvedi steelworks in Trieste the felling of the four large -sized concrete structures took place and the chimneys (85 meters high) which were part of the cokeria.

The controlled demolition required the use of 300 kg of explosive, 575 detonators and 500 meters of detonating fuse. To reduce the environmental impact of the dust, noise and vibrations Sid srl opted for a single sprint; This has meant that this demolition, today, was the most important in the national territory of its kind.Abbathing structures at Arvedi Acciaieria in Trieste

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