EDF teams up with Italian partners on SMR development

EDF, Edison, Ansaldo Energia and Ansaldo Nucleare have signed a Letter of Intent for new nuclear development.

Cooperation in the field of Nuclear Power in Europe

ATB Group would like to express its satisfaction about the recently announced cooperation between Ansaldo Energia, Ansaldo Nucleare, EDF and Edison in the field of nuclear power in Europe.

As reported by EDF Press release “The aim of the agreement is to immediately leverage on the expertise of the Italian nuclear power sector, headed by Ansaldo Nucleare, in order to support the development of EDF Group's new nuclear projects, and at the same time to open a debate on the possible role of new nuclear power in Italy's energy transition”.

Back in 2022, ATB already assured its contribution developing engineering activities for critical components of EDF’s small modular reactor (SMR) NUWARD™ Technology.

According to EDF: “the parties undertake to explore potential industrial cooperation, drawing on their respective skills:
- Ansaldo Energia Group, as a developer of engineering components and service provider for the energy and nuclear industry;
- EDF as the world's largest nuclear energy producer, involved in new nuclear projects based on its portfolio of technologies, namely (i) the small modular reactor (SMR) NUWARD™ (EDF and Ansaldo Nucleare have recently also signed a first contract for provision of engineering studies for NUWARD™), (ii) the mid-size reactor EPR1200 and (iii) the large-size reactor EPR;
- and Edison as a leading Italian energy player, fully engaged in Italy's energy transition”.

The technical support of ATB in this important Project development will go ahead in the upcoming months with further studies.

ATB continues to pursue its strategy to support the energy transition, considering the next generation of Nuclear power a sustainable solution to reach European decarbonization targets.


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