HDS reactor for Ultra Clean Fuel (UCF) Diesel Euro V

Delivered a new HDS Reactor for Ultra Clean Fuel (UCF) Diesel Euro V for Rayong Refinery in Thailand.

HDS Reactor for Rayong Refinery

ATB Riva Calzoni recently delivered a new HDS Reactor made of Vanadium modified steel, destined to Rayong Refinery, owned by IRPC Public Company Limited in Thailand.

The 450 ton reactor, licensed by Topsoe and manufactured by ATB, seats at the core of the Hydrodesulphurization Unit as part of the Ultra Clean Fuel (UCF) project which aims to improve refining efficiency and upgrade diesel quality in compliance with Euro V standards.

ATB would like to thank Hyunday E&C for having been selected as a key supplier during the execution of this highly strategic project.

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