Hydrocracking reactor for ORLEN Lietuva's Mažeikiai refinery in Lithuania

Another major achievement for ATB Riva Calzoni: this stunning 1500 ton Hydrocracking Reactor.

Hydrocracking Reactor for Mažeikiai Refinery
Photo Credits: A.Kubaičio on Lrytas.lt

The Hydrocracking Reactor, fabricated and successfully delivered from our Marghera Workshop last July, recently reached ORLEN Lietuva Mažeikiai Refinery in Lithuania after a long trip.

Licensed by Honeywell UOP, this huge piece of equipment made of forged Vanadium modified steel with dimensions of 52 m in length, 4.5 m of internal diameter and 276 mm of thickness will be installed in the new Residue Hydrocracking Unit (RHCU) currently under construction.

ATB once again confirms its leadership in providing critical high pressure equipment required by deep crude conversion process technologies which aim to increase refineries production yields while reducing crude oil consumptions and #carbonfootprint.

We would like to thank our clients Petrofac Limited and Public Company ORLEN Lietuva for the preference given to our company, sealing a trusted partnership during the project execution. We are ready for the next challenge!

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