Construction of a new hot galvanizing 2 plant - Ilva Novi Ligure

Construction of a new hot-dip galvanizing plant Coils no. 02 of the ILVA Novi Ligure facility.

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Project: New hot galvanizing 2 plant
Company: SEMAT
Location: Novi Ligure (AL)
Category: Civil Construction Project
Customer: ILVA S.p.A.
Period: 2006

In December 2006 Semat began working on the new hot-dip galvanizing plant in the Ilva site. This was a project to expand the lines for which Semat designed and constructed reinforced concrete sections and two 600-meter long structures. The entire job was carried out in different phases spread out over three years. The first phase involved the construction of the foundations of the two structures, the second focused on the construction of the foundation for the galvanizing line and finally the third involved the construction of all the auxiliary buildings (for the water treatment systems, control workstations, dining hall and bathrooms).

The intervention, carried out on an area previously used as a storage area for steel coils, required coordination between the works on the structural part and plant engineering so as to comply with the schedule agreed upon with the client.

In the same period Semat constructed two similar structures at the Ilva Genoa and Novi Ligure plants.