Construction of the Fal 5 furnace - TNA2 plant - ILVA Taranto

Industrial construction and operations for the construction of a new furnace for the ILVA steel mill in Taranto.

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Project: Construction of Fal 5 furnace - TNA2
Company: SEMAT
Location: Taranto (TA)
Category: Civil Construction Project
Customer: ILVA S.p.A.
Period: 2009-2010

During 2009-2010 Semat worked on the addition of a new furnace to be installed in an existing rolling mill at the Ilva Taranto steelworks. The plant remained operational throughout the entire intervention, without ever interrupting its activity. This request by the client made the intervention very complex. In fact, Semat, prior to initiating work on the foundations, had to first support the entire structure which remained in operation. The works were finished with the construction of electrical stations and water treatment plants. The Fal 5 furnace was connected and commissioned during the annual shutdown of the rolling plant completing the work in compliance with customer requirements.

The intervention lasted two and a half years and involved significant logistic and organizational efforts as well as the considerable use of labor and resources. All this enabled the customer not to lose the quality and continuity of production during the implementation phases.