Inland Coastal Road Direttrice Litoranea from Taranto to Avetrana

Works for the construction of the inland coastal road from Taranto to Avetrana 1st section - 2nd part.

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Project: Inland Coastal Road Direttrice Litoranea
Company: SEMAT
Location: Taranto (TA)
Category: Civil Construction Project
Customer: Provincia di Taranto (TA)
Period: 2014-2016

This second part regards the continuation of the works provided for in the first part, and more specifically from the programmed Km 3+150.00 of the main layout up to the programmed Km 5 + 405.68 and the connection from the junction "for the provincial road SP No. 100 Nuova Base Navale" to the provincial road SP 101 with the adaptation and stabilization of provincial road SP No. 100 up to the connection to the existing junction at the Nuova Base Navale of Taranto.

The construction of part of the junction on Viale Kennedy to the benefit of the traffic to the P.I.P. (industrial park) area of Talsano was also included.

Therefore, the entire section will enable the quick connection between the south ring road to the New Naval Base and to the existing main road for Lama - San Vito.

The works commissioned:

Two overpasses (over 2 lanes) L = 40.00 m; W = 8.00 m - Km 3+381.75
Two overpasses (over 2 lanes) L = 33.70 m; W = 8.00 m - Km 4+039.59
Underpass L = 7.50 m at Km 4+786.65
Junction underpass L = 12.00 m at Km 5+147.75
Junction overpass for SP 101 New naval base L = 27.00 m; W = 8.00 m
Box culvert underpass L = 6.00 m; H = 4.5 at Km 5+322.63

The works were contracted to the Consorzio Stabile CO.IN.E. represented by the consortium member SEMAT S.p.A.

The value of the work completed in 2017 for which SEMAT S.p.A. was responsible was approximately €8.6 million.