Marsala - Small Wind Turbine Project 60 kW

The small wind turbine ATB 60.28 DD, with a production capacity of 210.000 Kilowatt hours a year, generates renewable energy to distribute in the network.

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Project: Marsala - Small Wind Project
Company: ATB Riva Calzoni Rinnovabili
Location: Marsala (Sicily)
Category: Wind Power Project
Customer: 2B Investments Srl
End User: Anacot Srl
Period: 2017

ATB Riva Calzoni installed a ATB 60.28 DD small wind turbine of 60 kW in Marsala, on a Wind Farm in the contrada Capofeto. The machine, a 60 kW direct drive, has a 28 meter rotor and a 37 meter hub height.

The wind power project is located in a rural area of Trapani, a few kilometers from the sea, characterized by an average wind speed around 5.5 m/s, which is used to produce renewable energy to be put on the network. The expected annual capacity is around 210.000 Kilowatt hours.