Alessandro Volta hydropower plant returns to work

ATB Riva Calzoni rehabilitated gates and penstock and completed the revamp of the historic hydroelectric plant of Acea in Castel Madama on the river Aniene (Italy).

Alessandro Volta power plant

The turbines started to work again in the last spring. Now, with the end of the commissioning phase, the project for the regeneration of the Castel Madama hydroelectric power plant, just a few kilometers from the capital Rome, is definitively concluded.

The revamping of the plant, a 9 MW facility in operation since 1915, owned by the Acea multitutility, was awarded in April 2015 by the main contractor in April 2015 Voith Italia, based in Cinisello Balsamo, to the temporary association of companies established by ATB Riva Calzoni and Semat.

The old turbines of the power plant, powered by the river Aniene, have been replaced with the new ones supplied by Voith itself.

ATB has been involved in the replacement of hydromechanical parts, mainly forged gates and penstocks, while Semat has carried out civil works to replace the machines: foundations, supports and anchor blocks.

The relationship between ATB Riva Calzoni and this central is centenary: in the company's archives are still preserved the 1914 design drawings. At that time ATB Acciaieria and Tubificio Brescia cooperated in the realization of the hydroelectric plant. In addition, in 1997, ATB regenerated one of the three Castel Madama penstocks.

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