ATB Riva Calzoni is qualified to export in China

The audit of AQSIQ delegation has been successfully completed and approved the reactors for the Hengli Petrochemical refinery in the Dalian region.

The renewal of the license

The audit for the renewal of the license, which will allow ATB Riva Calzoni to export the oil and gas process equipment destined for the Hengli Petrochemical refinery in the Dalian region, has been successfully completed.

The inspectors verified the regularity of the documentation of the four high pressure separators being processed from last March and that from 2018 will start operating in the plant - with a daily production capacity of 400 thousand barrels - on the border with Manchuria, in the northern region east of the country.

The pressure vessels, which will be delivered in May 2018, "are among the few imported equipment in the project - specified Salvatore Poddighe, commercial director O & G -. We are talking about equipment that must be subjected to particularly severe operating cycles ".

The delegation of AQSIQ, General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of People's Republic of China, led by Shi Kun, director of the ATDA Division and senior inspector, was accompanied during the visit between Roncadelle and Marghera by Laura Marzollo, Quality Assurance Engineer of ATB RC.

"We have passed the audit successfully and now we are qualified to export oil and gas reactors in China - adds Marzollo - The inspectors have pointed out that there are few companies in Europe like us, with our production volumes, that are able to deal with welding and non-destructive testing".

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