Demolition work at Zimella

The operation is the first of the three provided for in the plan to demolish the piezometric towers in disuse in the province of Verona.

Demolition work at Zimella

ATB Group's Civil Construction& Industrial Services division has successfully completed the first of three demolitions with explosives planned for the Verona area and planned for the demolition of disused piezometric towers.

The first structure, that of Zimella, collapsed using two and a half kilos of dynamite and a series of precautions to guarantee maximum safety for the inhabitants of the nearby residential centre. "To make the intervention possible, prefabricated walls were built to protect the surrounding houses, so as to stop the shock wave and any splinters - explains Mauro Tinini, managing director of SID, Società Italiana Demolizioni, part of ATB Group -. After harnessing the legs of the tower with propylene with a rockfall protection net, holes were drilled for the explosive charges". After Zimella, in the next weeks two more piezometric towers will be demolished, in Veronella and San Vito di Legnago.

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