ArcelorMittal selects ATB Group for the secondary yard coverings

The Civil Construction & Industrial Services Division has been awarded the project. Activities at the Sinter South yard already underway.

Taranto plant: The secondary yard coverings
The secondary yards coverings of Taranto plant.

The collaborative work between ATB Group and ArcelorMittal Italia is strengthened. The Civil Construction & Industrial Services Division, specialised in industrial buildings and present in the former Ilva plants in Taranto for more than twenty years now, has been selected by the new owner of the Puglia-based steelworks to make the coverings of the three secondary yards of that plant. 

A turnkey order that is worth over EUR 40 millions, and it is a token of trust and validation for the Group headed by Sergio Trombini. This is, in fact, the second step of projects in which ATB Group took part in 2019 too. The company, on behalf of Cimolai, was in charge of foundations of the two coverings of the mineral and fossil yards; these structures are unique in the world since they are 77 meters high, 700 m long, and 250 m wide.

These two works are part of the major investments in environmental infrastructure aiming to reduce the dust raised at the plant as well as the impact on the region and the city.

For the secondary yards, the CCIS Division has been entrusted with the works to build the covering of the OMO, Sinter North and Sinter South yards. The largest roof will cover 42 thousand square meters for a total length of 385 meters; it will be 110 m wide and 42 m high. About 150 persons will be working at the site.

We are slightly ahead with the works of the 6,400 m² roof of the Sinter South yard. The reinforced concrete and structural steel works have been completed, and now we are working on the pediments of the tops and the water draining systems. The scope of work includes assembling the plates and laying the electrical installations for lights and spray nozzles.

Danilo Serioli, Managing Director of the CCIS Division proudly says that «the new owners were able to see that we are highly reliable as well as the high professional level of our team, two features that we put at the service of the entire plant. And, based on the results obtained so far, they have decided to select us and trust us».

 «ArcelorMittal Italia recognises that we are a strategic partner and is entrusting us with important works», explains Giandomenico Cuscela, General Manager Taranto Site. «Besides, they are keeping their maintenance commitments and the current agreements for industrial services are being extended for several years».


Construction of the secondary yard coverings

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