“The individual is the core of the organisation”

Mirko Manaresi is the new HR Director of the Group. Twenty years' experience in the field of HR and three pillars: dialogue, discussion and participation.

Mirko Manaresi
Mirko Manaresi, ATB Group HR Director

Mirko Manaresi is the new HR Director of the ATB Group since January 2020. Mr. Manaresi is forty-eight years old, married, and the father of a 13-years old daughter. Born in Rimini but living in Lombardy for a long time now, Mr. Manaresi boasts extensive experience in the field of human resources having a diploma in Archaeology from the University of Bologna and a diploma as a sommelier, which has helped him to fine tune his sense and spirit of observation. He started from the bottom up to the ranks, from the payroll up to becoming personnel manager. All this journey has taught him a lesson: man is the key protagonist of every social, economic, and cultural process. «Each individual has special characteristics, features that are enhanced and adjusted to a specific context. Just like each wine has traits of its own, and is houghtfully paired to a meal with flavors it can best express all its qualities», explains Manaresi. «My job is like being a tailor and having to dress up a person. It implies trying to find what suits him; that way he can do what he really loves, that is, what he is cut out for».

Mr. Manaresi's professional career began back in 1999 when he left the family's wine house- a well-known shop in Bellaria- to engage in personnel management for the first time. In 2004 he started working at the Cosmi Group in Ravenna, an industrial company specialised in installing and servicing Oil&Gas plants, and soon after he became their personnel manager. Two years later he moved to Lombardy to run a labour consultancy firm; he was in charge of processes to reorganise the client-companies until 2011. That year he accepted a position at OMRT, a family company specialised in hot forming and punching ferrous materials for the car manufacturing industry; he followed into his predecessors' steps. Later on, in 2016, he started working for the DMG Mori Group as the personnel manager of Brembate plant.

Mr. Manaresi started working for ATB Group this year and has accepted the challenge to run a structure more complex and heterogeneous that any other one before. From the very beginning, Mirko started to work to create teams in the group: «There are four divisions that work in different sectors, but we need to find uniformity in order to keep the ATB Group in perspective», he explains. What we must do now is  invest in new synergies to use the company's structure in a practical manner, to be more efficient, and to reach satisfactory results».

Another front the new manager has to pay attention to is the relations with trade unions. «Dialogue and debates, in my opinion at least, are the grounds for good relations with trade unions. A principle should be first and foremost: human resources are the core of the organisation. There may be excellent managers and leaders, but it is people, all together, who make it possible for a company to grow», highlights Mr. Manaresi. «Respect, therefore, is a key concept. At present, the workers' requirements have changed a lot when compared to those some years ago because the society has changed as well; we are constantly evolving. It is essential that we listen and pay attention to what others have to say, and we must be clever to understand the needs of our employees».

Sensitivity is paramount when talking about work. Constant care is mainly required for those unavoidable aspects linked to protecting people. «Safety is a right, and as such it should be exercised by everyone. It is a crucial point in the development of work organisations in the third millennium», points out Manaresi. «A lot of companies aim at reaching the “zero accidents” target.  A dream? We will work together to try to make it a reality».

In order to work as a Group, ATB has to strengthen its corporate culture, and to know how to lure new professionals. «A key strategy here will be participation, as this is crucial to make the company grow in terms of structure and values», adds Manaresi. «I believe in dialogue and discussion, a true one, the one that brings to the same table even diametrically opposed positions and points of view, that in the end all together can help make the impossible possible. The job of all those that form part of the organisation chart is to make the company grow. The idea of the organisation should dominate across the entire company».

The next three years come filled with important news in the field of human resources for the ATB Group. A first step was taken towards introducing smart working, a tool that was widely used to meet the needs of workers as well as safety practices during the weeks of the Coronavirus crisis. «To contain personal contacts in the office and minimise commuting, we started to adopt smart working where possible, and for all the tasks that may be developed from home without any specific difficulty or limitation/», states Manaresi. The impact that COVID-19 has had on our daily lives has led us to project ATB Group towards a new way of working». Such change needs to be addressed quickly using versatile answers that ensure performance and can enhance the value of the core, fundamental particle: the individual. A change to be tackled and overcome together.

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